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Any advice or experience with fungal skin infection?

Hey friends! Wondering if anyone has any experience or advice when it comes to fungal skin infection. She's had it as long as I can remember (only known her for 1/2 a year) where I keep spotting this white (looks like fungus) on her head. Was more concerned with other health issues at first, until I finally most recently thought there was something to this reoccurring white on her cute little head! I've used nascent iodine once, but thinkin' that I should use it on a regular basis until we've beat it? Tea tree oil (being anti-fungal)? It's been an awesome year for fungus! They stole any chance of cucumbers from me too!! Ugh!! I luv cucumbers! *sigh*
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Are you certain it's a fungus? I'd recommend a culture, just to see what kind of fungus you're up against and to make sure that it is indeed fungus.

I'd be hesitant to use tea tree oil or any of the other common antifungal EOs, just because I've no idea how they affect tortoises/turtles and I recently got to see a cat (not mine) die from exposure to essential oils- not pretty.

I do know that gentian violet is okay to use on turtles/tortoises- paint it on and let it dry for several hours before you allow them to get wet.

What is your lighting situation like for them? What temperature is the basking area? When was the last time you changed the UVB bulb?
Yep, it's the very thing that you see on plants as well.

Yeah tea tree oil is strong stuff 'n has it's place in areas more then others. (It does wonders with fish tail rot!!) We use it topically once in awhile. 'N not that orally is that far off from topical cuz your skin soaks it all in right! 'If you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin'! is the rule! I just want to hear a few more stories or read some more before I decide my actions!

I remember using that stuff like ten years ago. The stains!! XD But we're moving away from the medical world! I don't know, I just read an article that it comes from coal tar 'n like most everything else from our medical/'health' world comes risks 'n side effects:

I have two UVB bulbs in the same area, but Scarlet doesn't do bulbs! :D She's your tropical species 'n loves a higher humidity. I only see her basking once in awhile, but it's usually either on the floor where the sun is shining in through a window, or when she crawls under the door 'n just sits there on the porch in the sun light for a while. I can't blame her! Nothing beats our sun!! :) Maybe I don't have enough air circulation in that area. ?


I'm not sure if it's safe, better than EOI think,& you would have to look it up but coconut oil is good for human fungal infections so perhaps could work for turtles as well.
I think when it comes to EO's it's safe when used in moderation 'n just for the time it's needed! We usually do our research before we dive into something!

Coconut oil! I didn't think it was antifungal until you told me to look it up! ;) According to this 'n a few others it is. It even works on tapeworms 'n other parasites! I'm very excited about this!! So not only healing properties but many health/well being properties!!

We use organic coconut oil all the time! Buy it by the pail full cuz it's cheaper, but didn't realize that it was THAT beneficial!! I do feel weird about putting something edible on animals! It's like No don't worry, we're not goin' to eat ya!! XD So thankyou!!! :)

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