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Turtle Table

When I was searching for images/tips when getting this ready, I couldn't find much, so I decided it would be a good idea to share our setup.

Turtle Table
Patched together interior shot.

Turtle Table
View from the outside.

Turtle Table
...and another.

Turtle Table
...and another!

Turtle Table
Anti-cat defense system.

Turtle Table

Boozikado (Bo) himself, looking hungry/grumpy, and fresh from hibernation. :)

Happy to answer questions or consider suggestions!

Here's the text I included with one of the photos: The enclosure is built from wood and measures 4'X2'X2' with an overhang that has a space cut out for the lamp which is set upon it. The aquarium-type lamp has a UVA/UVB (full spectrum) bulb in it, which is on a timer. The other lamp is clamped on to the side and contains a basking lamp with UVA light only. We turn this one on manually. We also have a heater, but only use it if necessary, and we may remove it if the basking lamp proves to be enough heat.

The inside is covered with a plastic tarp which was attached with a staple gun. It contains a substrate mixture of about 60% compost dirt and 40% sand. On the surface, we have placed various kinds of rocks and dead leaves, a potted plant, a bowl for soaking, a food bowl, and a log to hide in. Around the edge is a fake plant. We water the soil regularly to keep the humidity up.
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