swift_scarlet (swift_scarlet) wrote in chelonia,


Why would you design someone that was completely helpless once they flipped over onto their back? A cruel design. I've come to her aid a few times b/c she liked to climb, but today of all days where we hit a record high in heat, I was too late. I found her flipped over in her outdoor sanctuary. She wasn't moving, so I thought I could bring her back with water in the kitchen sink. Half an hour later she still wasn't moving so I was pretty sure her little spirit was gone. I realize that they do like the warmer temps 'n their reality comes with the possibility of ending this way. I asked myself if I had checked her every fifteen minutes... I usually found her under a rock, or behind a hosta, or walking around 'n trying to climb something, 'n of all days...
I'm gonna miss her huge, but she brought so much that made me who I am today!

So, your all hearin' with this heat 'n drought: don't leave your pets in the car... I'm sayin', well, it could affect ur tort. But then I think it's getting to everyone.
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