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A sanctuary now for Summer

Scarlet left me with a few realizations in which I complied to! I planted a shade tree where she flipped over 'n became again which is not seen with the naked eye. Light! I found some edible 6' plants that will hopefully be 6' next year to provide even more shade 'n hiding! :) I also built a wall 'n placed a stepping stone from a pathway to keep her dry through rain, 'n cool in the heat. 'N so this place that came to be through sweat 'n a few close calls of my own experience of heat stroke was made to be for the tortoise. 'N as if it was meant to be, soon after Scarlet I found another tort that needed a new place to continue their experience 'n of course, be loved. She had no name, 'n so I call her Summer!! :)

She's so heavy! :D (compared to scarlet) I'll have to bring her over to my Gram's house to weigh her! :) I don't know how old she is. I'm thinkin' 8-10yrs? She's female, so she's almost reached "full grown" according to most. She's 7 1/2" wide 'n in length she's 11". That's just measuring the shell from the bottom. If anyone has any ideas I'd luv to hear 'em!!
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