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Righting a wrong! Any advice!?

Okay, so years ago when I was ignorant, I had shooed away a huge Mamma snapping turtle away from my pile of soil ready for my veggie garden. It wasn't until I met someone who introduced me to the world/reality of turtles 'n tortoises that I realized she could've gotten egg bound. The guilt was too much! Us humans are makin' a mess of this amazing eco-system. So this May when the same or another big Mamma snapping turtle came to lay in my pile of soil, I made a promise to let them be 'n make sure they find a place on this planet. I don't think we really realize how important these guys are in cleaning up our earth!
B/c I needed a lot of the soil that was underneath the eggs, the girls helped me move them carefully 2' away 'n added the right amount of soil to keep 'em moist 'n warm.
Went online to do some research...20-40 eggs. We forgot to count them when we moved 'em. 30? Hatching August/Sept...
Two weeks ago I fenced the area 'n kept checking.
This past Tuesday morning we saw a couple holes. The snakes had tried to get a couple. I used tent pegs to secure the bottom.
Wednesday morning there was a dozen or so.
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Started moving them to a 50 gallon terranium with 2" or soil with water dishes scattered throughout. They buried back into the soil. I figured them exhausted 'n had the sac to get nourishment for a couple of days. Some had bigger sacs then others. The ones that first emerged were active, 'n knew they needed a more natural environment. By the afternoon we had 32. I filled up a 50 gallon rubbermaid tub with some stinky clay/sand, add a slope of sand 'n finally some soil for drying off. Put an inch of water 'n started adding the active ones. They buried right into the sand in the water. All you see is their eyes blinking above the water! :) Added tadpoles, snails 'n baby dragon flies to the water 'n worms, meal worms 'n slugs to the soil. I haven't seen them eat yet. They should have no problem with those claws. They should've been named Snapping Shredder Turtles!
I had to buy another container today cuz we've brought in 51. (that doesn't include the couple I hit with the shovel at first, the couple that got under 'n am seeing evidence that they got to the pond (tail drag lines in sand) 'n the eggs that the snakes got 'n the couple that didn't hatch.) At 32 I was thinkin' "I can do this!" At 51 I'm having a few panic attacks 'n thinkin' that I'm being punished! :) I'll try 'n divide them between the two 'n start searching for worms 'n maybe swat some flies, 'n look for some more tadpoles... In a couple weeks I'll bring a few to a creek near our house. I'm not excited about calling government peeps, cuz it's just a job to them. I want to see them go off into the sunset!
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Any advice would be appreciated! I want to do right by them! :)

I've only seen a tortoise back up that fast once before! :D As if she said, "Do you know what that is!?" :)
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