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The turtle and the cat | Черепаха и кот [25 Dec 2014|04:17pm]

Оригинал взят у mimimi_video в The turtle and the cat | Черепаха и кот

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Righting a wrong! Any advice!? [31 Aug 2013|02:50am]

Okay, so years ago when I was ignorant, I had shooed away a huge Mamma snapping turtle away from my pile of soil ready for my veggie garden. It wasn't until I met someone who introduced me to the world/reality of turtles 'n tortoises that I realized she could've gotten egg bound. The guilt was too much! Us humans are makin' a mess of this amazing eco-system. So this May when the same or another big Mamma snapping turtle came to lay in my pile of soil, I made a promise to let them be 'n make sure they find a place on this planet. I don't think we really realize how important these guys are in cleaning up our earth!
B/c I needed a lot of the soil that was underneath the eggs, the girls helped me move them carefully 2' away 'n added the right amount of soil to keep 'em moist 'n warm.
Went online to do some research...20-40 eggs. We forgot to count them when we moved 'em. 30? Hatching August/Sept...
Two weeks ago I fenced the area 'n kept checking.
This past Tuesday morning we saw a couple holes. The snakes had tried to get a couple. I used tent pegs to secure the bottom.
Wednesday morning there was a dozen or so.
snappingturtles 072

Started moving them to a 50 gallon terranium with 2" or soil with water dishes scattered throughout. They buried back into the soil. I figured them exhausted 'n had the sac to get nourishment for a couple of days. Some had bigger sacs then others. The ones that first emerged were active, 'n knew they needed a more natural environment. By the afternoon we had 32. I filled up a 50 gallon rubbermaid tub with some stinky clay/sand, add a slope of sand 'n finally some soil for drying off. Put an inch of water 'n started adding the active ones. They buried right into the sand in the water. All you see is their eyes blinking above the water! :) Added tadpoles, snails 'n baby dragon flies to the water 'n worms, meal worms 'n slugs to the soil. I haven't seen them eat yet. They should have no problem with those claws. They should've been named Snapping Shredder Turtles!
I had to buy another container today cuz we've brought in 51. (that doesn't include the couple I hit with the shovel at first, the couple that got under 'n am seeing evidence that they got to the pond (tail drag lines in sand) 'n the eggs that the snakes got 'n the couple that didn't hatch.) At 32 I was thinkin' "I can do this!" At 51 I'm having a few panic attacks 'n thinkin' that I'm being punished! :) I'll try 'n divide them between the two 'n start searching for worms 'n maybe swat some flies, 'n look for some more tadpoles... In a couple weeks I'll bring a few to a creek near our house. I'm not excited about calling government peeps, cuz it's just a job to them. I want to see them go off into the sunset!
snappingturtles 112

Any advice would be appreciated! I want to do right by them! :)

I've only seen a tortoise back up that fast once before! :D As if she said, "Do you know what that is!?" :)
snappingturtles 128
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Russian tort. [17 Jul 2012|08:08pm]

Anybody in the Fort Cambell area of Clarksville, TN who can take my Russain Tort? We are being stationed in Korea and he needs a new home.
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A sanctuary now for Summer [23 Sep 2011|06:51pm]

Scarlet left me with a few realizations in which I complied to! I planted a shade tree where she flipped over 'n became again which is not seen with the naked eye. Light! I found some edible 6' plants that will hopefully be 6' next year to provide even more shade 'n hiding! :) I also built a wall 'n placed a stepping stone from a pathway to keep her dry through rain, 'n cool in the heat. 'N so this place that came to be through sweat 'n a few close calls of my own experience of heat stroke was made to be for the tortoise. 'N as if it was meant to be, soon after Scarlet I found another tort that needed a new place to continue their experience 'n of course, be loved. She had no name, 'n so I call her Summer!! :)

She's so heavy! :D (compared to scarlet) I'll have to bring her over to my Gram's house to weigh her! :) I don't know how old she is. I'm thinkin' 8-10yrs? She's female, so she's almost reached "full grown" according to most. She's 7 1/2" wide 'n in length she's 11". That's just measuring the shell from the bottom. If anyone has any ideas I'd luv to hear 'em!!
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Flowers [11 Sep 2011|05:41am]

Hello all! I am new here. I have recently gotten a Russian Tortoise. His name is Tortuga. I am trying to learn as much as I can about him. I want to be a good tort mommy and I want him to be happy and healthy. Any suggestions and adice?

My question that brought my to post today is...What kind of flowers are safe for Russians Torts? I no longer have dandelions growing outside and many people say torts loves to eat flowers. I do have garden flowers that I use no chemicals on. Are those safe? For instance like violets, petunias, mums, holyhocks, and zinnias. Just want to know if I can give Tortuga a flower to munch on. Thanks in adance!
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why? [22 Jul 2011|03:44am]

Why would you design someone that was completely helpless once they flipped over onto their back? A cruel design. I've come to her aid a few times b/c she liked to climb, but today of all days where we hit a record high in heat, I was too late. I found her flipped over in her outdoor sanctuary. She wasn't moving, so I thought I could bring her back with water in the kitchen sink. Half an hour later she still wasn't moving so I was pretty sure her little spirit was gone. I realize that they do like the warmer temps 'n their reality comes with the possibility of ending this way. I asked myself if I had checked her every fifteen minutes... I usually found her under a rock, or behind a hosta, or walking around 'n trying to climb something, 'n of all days...
I'm gonna miss her huge, but she brought so much that made me who I am today!

So, your all hearin' with this heat 'n drought: don't leave your pets in the car... I'm sayin', well, it could affect ur tort. But then I think it's getting to everyone.
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Help? [13 Jun 2011|01:34am]

[ mood | worried ]

 Hey all. New to the community. Looking for help with my roommate's pet turtle. 

There's a build up of larval growth taking place In her turtle's filter, and it's happening at a bit of a rapid rate. Is there anything anyone can think of that might help make it stop? Or at least slow it down. 

Here's her description of what's actually going on -- 

"There are gnats going into the waterfall and laying eggs on the filter that are turning into larvae." 

She's cleaning the filter and the waterfall holder (Tetrafauna Waterfall) on a weekly basis, but that doesn't seem to be helping as much as it should. 

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Calcium carbonate supplement [12 May 2011|06:08pm]

Only if anyone is interested:

Calcium carbonate supplement:

After breakfast, rinse out eggshell 'n allow to fully dry. Crush into a fine powder. A dime's worth is a human's daily requirements. Our eggs come from an organic farmer who we know well. I wouldn't recommend the grocery store. Too many meds 'n b/c they wash the natural occurring on the shell before shipping, they spray it to give it that shine back 'n keep it longer.

Hee hee, she's sticking out her tongue! XD Not b/c she doesn't like it though. My Scarlet is very picky, 'n she ate this if that tells you anything! :)
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Scarlet 'n Sunny [12 May 2011|05:53pm]

They say to introduce ur pets to new pets right!?
So this is Scarlet approaching...

..... 'n this is Sunny's eyes tellin' you to get her Outta there, like Now! :)

Scarlet only wanted to give her a ride! :)
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Turtle Table [09 Mar 2011|02:07pm]

When I was searching for images/tips when getting this ready, I couldn't find much, so I decided it would be a good idea to share our setup.

Turtle Table
Many more images!Collapse )
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the inwards of the tortoise? [08 Feb 2011|09:25pm]

Questions into diet concerning the chemistry of nature leaves me with the need to know the inwards of the tortoise! Especially the digestive organs! Info 'n illustrations...
Could any of you recommend any books or sites that will give me the needs to know? Thanks!
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advice on winter months-housing 'n tortoises actions [14 Nov 2010|04:39am]

Kay so it's getting a little cold up here in this great north part of our earth, 'n I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on your experiences or knowledge when it comes to indoor housing winter months 'n tortoises. Scarlet's a redfoot 'n doesn't hibernate. And including housing info, how do they act? Cuz it seems to me that no matter what the temp seems to be inside, Scarlet knows what the temperature is outside. She's like a little barometer on four little legs! :) When she comes out of her corner on her own, you know your gonna have a great day as far as weather goes! I tried putting her in a different box overnight with a towel half way over top nearby the woodstove, but I think she spent the whole night trying to get out. Maybe too warm!? :) I took her out in the morning 'n brought her back to 'familiar' just in case she was stressed from being in a new 'environment'. She went right back to 'her spot'! I almost wonder if she prefers it a bit cooler. Are tortoises creatures of habit? Do you think they almost want to 'slow down' for the winter months? Do you find they eat less? Or could it have something to do with her health. She has a ways to go yet where her health is concerned. I need some advice to figure out what the best thing for Scarlet is, while still 'listening' to her desires 'n needs; but I dare say, tortoises are extremely hard animals to 'read'!! XD
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Brumating Question? [27 Oct 2010|12:13am]

[ mood | worried ]

Hello folks.  Gotta question for ya all. Well I have a russian tortoise and he is a he.  LOL.  Well I guess I live in climate weather, but I still provide for him UVB and temperatures well into the 80's on the warm side.  He recently started to dig holes for weeks on end and he was driving me crazy.  I provided him food and he ate heartily.  Until today I found him under the water dish or more like the pool all insulated and barely moving.  Literally scared the bejeezers out of me, I thought he was dead!  He wasn't  he was well functioning, but I wonder if he was beginning to brumate and found a place that was suitable for stuff like that.  So, is he in brumation or uh... and if he is what can I do?  Should I still leave his sunlight lamp on and or heat lamp on?  Or if not what should I do?  I am pretty sure it's brumation, but I have never brumated a reptile before, despite of handling a russian tortoise previously for over 15 years.  Cueball never brumated on me.  Well this guy, BB I guess is a different guy, I guess more healthy and I suspect that he doesn't have parasites.  I fed him anti parasite food for the first four weeks that I had the bugger.  He's heavy and really healthy.  I am just concerned.  So please feedback is much appreciated!!    

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Ready for winter! [25 Oct 2010|07:05pm]

Scarlet is sooooo ready for winter!! :D

She looks so happy no!? XD She's probably asking herself, "Why did the universe stick me with this human"!!?? LOL!
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[29 Sep 2010|05:34pm]

[ mood | super ]

Some cuteness from Peggy Sues 50s Diner. They have huge coy fish, ducks and some cats out there too. It's fun.

I love the little babies crawling up the side. It makes me smile to see turtles again.

Turtle!Collapse )

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the hazards of working in pet care (x-posted) [19 Sep 2010|04:13pm]

"um, sir... that's a snapping turtle"
this was the sentence that had me suddenly with a new critter.


this poor baby is fresh out of the egg. see the plaston? :)
shell is like leather.
now i am not for keeping wild animals captive. i'm in fact quite against it. so my plan was to hike this guy out to a good spot and let him go.
then my coworker, nancy, starts telling me about how adult snappers like to eat hatchlings... this guy already flunked ma nature once an almost got run over by dude mowing his lawn...
so now i am considering keeping him/her long enough to reach some size and then hike 'em out to a good spot (away from roads and lawns) and release.

advice? tips?
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Any advice or experience with fungal skin infection? [15 Sep 2010|04:34am]

Hey friends! Wondering if anyone has any experience or advice when it comes to fungal skin infection. She's had it as long as I can remember (only known her for 1/2 a year) where I keep spotting this white (looks like fungus) on her head. Was more concerned with other health issues at first, until I finally most recently thought there was something to this reoccurring white on her cute little head! I've used nascent iodine once, but thinkin' that I should use it on a regular basis until we've beat it? Tea tree oil (being anti-fungal)? It's been an awesome year for fungus! They stole any chance of cucumbers from me too!! Ugh!! I luv cucumbers! *sigh*
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Say "Aw" XD [20 Aug 2010|10:32am]

I don't know why, but I have to wake her up every morning, or she just doesn't seem to come out. This particular morning I caught a yawn! It doesn't look like a yawn though! XD If there would've been a noise of some sort along with it, I probably would've let her sleep a while longer! XD She's not ur "morning being"! :D

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Tortoise door! :) [12 Aug 2010|08:41pm]

A tortoise door! XD

It always pained me to watch her at the door side windows, looking outside, 'n every few minutes she would switch her front feet to continue trying to get through, thinking that if she kept rubbing her cute little foot as if she were digging, the glass would eventually give in, 'n would persist for what seemed to be too long of a time! Now she can get through!! She just wanders around on the deck walking back 'n forth! :) As far as being revered by Chinese tradition, I'm starting to understand the endurance part! :)

Comes 'n goes as she pleases! :)
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You know you have stinky feet when....... [04 Aug 2010|01:08pm]

I don't know why, but Scarlet has a thing for toes, but only if you have stinky feet!! :D
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