swift_scarlet (swift_scarlet) wrote in chelonia,

You know you have stinky feet when.......

I don't know why, but Scarlet has a thing for toes, but only if you have stinky feet!! :D
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ouch lol
I luv the way she smells it first, 'n then actually "winds up" to get a good bite!! XD
Smells like noms! ;)
nom Natural Organic Matter? (never heard that before!)
Yellowfoot/Redfoots have the cutest little faiz :3
I think she always looks grumpy, but I have this thing for grumpy, which makes me luv her all that much more!! :)
hehehe, when my redfoot was younger she would come up and headbutt my feet and then try to eat them. lucky for me she's not too fast so my toes are safe. she's 10 years old now and i guess she figured out they're not edible because she doesnt try anymore.
Cuz they move so slow 'n quietly, you don't always know they're there until the bite occurs!! :) She got mine once when we were working in the garden. I didn't know she was right there until she took a bite! :) It hurts enough to cause you to look down! I'm glad they don't have teeth! :)
She kept following my daughter's feet!! I told her to hold still to see what Scarlet would do! She smells it first 'n actually "winds up" to get a good bite!! XD

I'd imagine that if she was still biting it would most likely hurt just a tad more!! :D
i have to keep an eye on mine when she's outside because i have dogs. they get along well enough, the dogs just unfortunately view the turtle poop as um, treats. so much so that they'll try to encourage the tortoise to make more 'treats' by nosing around her rear end and sometimes flipping her over. so needless to say she doesnt get the opportunity to sneak up on any of us. i did let her bite me once and its more like a pretty sharp pinch. i can totally picture the 'wind up' before the bite, hahaha.
Dogs can be sooooo disgusting sometimes!! XD Mine has gone after a poo too. I'm trying to train our dog not to even sniff Scarlet, just cuz parasites live on their noses, 'n as cute as they are, the reality is......! XD
Question: But has ur tortoise ever gone after the dog's doo doo? Scarlet found a dog's doo doo the one time, 'n tried to take a bite, 'n then another, 'n I'm like, Your not serious!!! So now I feel I have to watch her even closer.
yes, i have had to try to 'steer' sweetpea away from dog poop before. telling them all that poop is not a treat doesnt seem to help any but i still holler it.


7 years ago

Hah - my sulcata is crazy for toes too, and she's supposed to be a veggiesaurus!
:) Has or does ur sulcata ever go after earthworms!?
I've never seen her with an earthworm, she doesn't come out when it's wet enough for worms - she has tried to catch one of the gecko's mealworms and an injured fly though! XD