nakeddementia (nakeddementia) wrote in chelonia,

the hazards of working in pet care (x-posted)

"um, sir... that's a snapping turtle"
this was the sentence that had me suddenly with a new critter.


this poor baby is fresh out of the egg. see the plaston? :)
shell is like leather.
now i am not for keeping wild animals captive. i'm in fact quite against it. so my plan was to hike this guy out to a good spot and let him go.
then my coworker, nancy, starts telling me about how adult snappers like to eat hatchlings... this guy already flunked ma nature once an almost got run over by dude mowing his lawn...
so now i am considering keeping him/her long enough to reach some size and then hike 'em out to a good spot (away from roads and lawns) and release.

advice? tips?
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