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Brumating Question?

Hello folks.  Gotta question for ya all. Well I have a russian tortoise and he is a he.  LOL.  Well I guess I live in climate weather, but I still provide for him UVB and temperatures well into the 80's on the warm side.  He recently started to dig holes for weeks on end and he was driving me crazy.  I provided him food and he ate heartily.  Until today I found him under the water dish or more like the pool all insulated and barely moving.  Literally scared the bejeezers out of me, I thought he was dead!  He wasn't  he was well functioning, but I wonder if he was beginning to brumate and found a place that was suitable for stuff like that.  So, is he in brumation or uh... and if he is what can I do?  Should I still leave his sunlight lamp on and or heat lamp on?  Or if not what should I do?  I am pretty sure it's brumation, but I have never brumated a reptile before, despite of handling a russian tortoise previously for over 15 years.  Cueball never brumated on me.  Well this guy, BB I guess is a different guy, I guess more healthy and I suspect that he doesn't have parasites.  I fed him anti parasite food for the first four weeks that I had the bugger.  He's heavy and really healthy.  I am just concerned.  So please feedback is much appreciated!!    
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