swift_scarlet (swift_scarlet) wrote in chelonia,

advice on winter months-housing 'n tortoises actions

Kay so it's getting a little cold up here in this great north part of our earth, 'n I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on your experiences or knowledge when it comes to indoor housing winter months 'n tortoises. Scarlet's a redfoot 'n doesn't hibernate. And including housing info, how do they act? Cuz it seems to me that no matter what the temp seems to be inside, Scarlet knows what the temperature is outside. She's like a little barometer on four little legs! :) When she comes out of her corner on her own, you know your gonna have a great day as far as weather goes! I tried putting her in a different box overnight with a towel half way over top nearby the woodstove, but I think she spent the whole night trying to get out. Maybe too warm!? :) I took her out in the morning 'n brought her back to 'familiar' just in case she was stressed from being in a new 'environment'. She went right back to 'her spot'! I almost wonder if she prefers it a bit cooler. Are tortoises creatures of habit? Do you think they almost want to 'slow down' for the winter months? Do you find they eat less? Or could it have something to do with her health. She has a ways to go yet where her health is concerned. I need some advice to figure out what the best thing for Scarlet is, while still 'listening' to her desires 'n needs; but I dare say, tortoises are extremely hard animals to 'read'!! XD
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